Tree Debris to Opportunity

Tree Debris to Opportunity will turn a community challenge into art, innovation and social change.

This 18-month project aims to transform Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infested wood debris into items area residents can use. In partnership with the Bridge House Ready to Work program, participants will receive expert training to turn milled wood into practical items and artistic expressions at the new Building 61 Makerspace at the Boulder Main Library. The pilot project will be funded by a $200,000 award from the Knight Foundation’s Knight Cities Challenge.

The program is one example of how the community can get involved in ensuring Boulder has a sustainable urban canopy. Through creative solutions of Ash tree utilization, we can reduce the number of trees that wind up in the landfill and provide opportunities for people to learn new skills. PLAY Boulder's effort to support the urban forest is more important than ever. Support the trees!